What’s been happening in/outside of the Archives

Having been professionally shamed for my lack of keeping up with the College Archives blog [don’t worry, I can handle it!], I submit a little list of our activities this summer and fall semester in the College Archives.  These activities don’t include those of the daily operations of the College Archives: reference duty,  processing, file requests, supervision.  So, take a quick look into our active world.

JUNE 2008

–pick up of 70 linear feet of Clarence and Ruth Kennedy family materials

–presentation on student leadership/activism at Women’s Education Worldwide Conference at Mount Holyoke College

–presentation to Smith Club of Lexington, MA on the use of photography in teaching at Smith.

JULY 2008

–Exhibit preparation and installation of the 90th anniversary of the Smith College School for Social Work in the Nolen Arts Room/Campus Center.

AUG 2008

–“Women of Color” presentation to members of the Smith College Bridge pre-orientation program

–paper read at the Society of American Archivists Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA

SEP-OCT  2008

–“Smith Traditions” talk to Sophomore class

–Class Presentations:Introduction to Archeology; Scribbling Women; Feminist Public Cultures; Women & World War I: Smith College Relief Unit; Excavating Women; African American Biography;

House Tea Talks: Hubbard, Park, Gillette; Duckett

–presentation to UNITY Council on history of UNITY organizations.

–campus walking tour “Missing, Moved and Things You Might Not Known About Smith” for Library Wellness Committee

NOV 2008

–Class presentation: Reading the Earth

House Tea Talks:  Tyler, Laura Scales

–presentation to the Black Student Alliance (BSA)

–presentation at Otelia Cromwell Day panel

I can’t wait to see what the next few months bring for us!  Keep checking this blog–and I’ll make a more concerted effort to supply short, interesting text for you to read!


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