We hit 1,000!

June 15, 2009

A milestone marker was passed on June 10, 2009–and we were too busy to report it!  On that date we hit our 1,000th initial reference inquiry from the records of the College Archives [not including in-person requests].  Between July 1, 2008 and June 10, 2009, the staff of the College Archives (2 people FT) fielded inquiries from off-site researchers who contact us via email, telephone, and even by letter, although those requests are coming fewer and far between.

The 1,000th inquiry you might ask?  It was a request from the School for Social Work for copies of syllabi from 10 classes that were offered in 2001.   That’s just one of the types of inquiries we get annually.

As of the end of the work day today, we’re sitting at #1017.  More to come before we set the number back to zero on July 1, 2009…