Collaborating with Students

April 19, 2010

This past Saturday, the College showcased research by students  in the 9th annual “Collaborations” weekend.  This year a number of students worked with archival materials held in the Smith College Archives.  Their paper titles included:

1) “Dressing the Pioneer Smithie”

2)  “Do Two Hills Make a Right?  Thoughts on the history of Helen Hills Hills Chapel.

3)  “Race Science at Smith”

4)  “Rethinking Sophia Smith”

5)  “Smithipedia” — research based on entries for the College’s on-line history encyclopedia

6)  “Concerned Citizens, Supermoms and World Leaders: 100 Years of Smith Commencement Advice”

7)  “The Horizontal Man: The Mystery Behind the Mystery”

The sessions were based on class assignments, independent study work, and year-long projects.  They were all well attended.  The College Archives hopes more sessions next year will base their work in the rich source of archival material available to undergraduates here at Smith.