Archival Collaborations 2011

April 14, 2011

A number of students participating in the annual COLLABORATIONS event on Saturday, April 16, 2011 have once again utilized information and materials from the Smith College Archives.  This year, in addition to the more traditional research sessions, these two science poster sessions display the research of students using the College Archives:

Heidi Waugh ’12J and Sophie Mettler-Grove ’13 “Gendered Boundaries in the Discipline of Engineering” (associate professor Donna Riley) and Laura Leung ’14 “A Century of Physics at Smith College” (professor Malgorzata Pfabe).

Students involved with the Archives Concentration program have based a number of their capstone projects on College Archives materials including:

Stefania Gawron  ’11 “Making History Public: LGBT Activism at Smith and Nationally”

Olivia Mandica-Hart ’11 “Coming Out: Unearthing Queer Histories from Smith’s Archives”

Anna Eisen ’11, “Niche Narratives: Student Life at Smith Through Scrapbooks”

Gwen Gethner ’11 “The Ladies of Grecourt: Smith and the First World War”

Alex Korn ’11 “A Selected Archive of MFA Dance History at Smith”

Lori E. Harris AC ’11 “Maintaining a Culture of Liberal Conservatism” The 1970 Smith Student Strike”

Olivia Mandica-Hart ’11 and Amanda Lineweber ’11 “‘The Revolution Has Been Archived’: The Creation of a Queer Archival Exhibit”

Students who are researchers for the Smithipedia project, supervised by president Carol T. Christ and college archivist Nanci Young are also presenting:

Natalie C. Sargent ’12 “A Vast Amount of Personal Effort”: President Herbert John Davis and the British Refugee Children at Smith College, 1940-1943″

Natasha Zuniga ’13 “The Emergence of UNITY at Smith”

Kaitlin Hovanes ’12 “Smithipedia”

In addition, Amanda Lineweber ’11 is also presenting her work titled “From Northampton to Florence: the Legacy of Ruth and Clarence Kennedy.”  Gwen Gethner, a participant in this year Kahn Institute project “Why Educate Women?” will present her work on ” The College Girls, Women’s Education and the Smith College Relief Unit”

The College Archives is pleased that these students have chosen to work on topics about Smith, using Smith College archival materials.  We wish them all the best for their presentations, and look forward to hearing about their findings and experiences!

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