You Can Find It in the Archives: Advertising

Corset advertisement, 26 October 1921, in the Smith College Weekly.

Advertising may not be the first subject that comes to mind when you think of the collections in the Smith College Archives. But open up to the back of a yearbook or skim through the pages of the student newspaper and suddenly you’ll learn how both national and local companies chose to advertise to Smith students.¬†Advertisements helped to sustain these student publications and gave companies access to a population of potential consumers.

Here’s a sampling of print advertising through the decades. Come in to the reading room and explore more of these for yourself!

Jello advertisement from the 1915 Smith College yearbook.

Cigarette advertisement, 5 February 1936, in the Smith College Weekly.

Nail polish advertisement, 13 October 1944, in the Smith College Weekly.

Frozen foods advertisement in the 1966 Smith College yearbook.

Health care advertisement, 16 March 1978, in the Sophian.


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