Holiday Greetings from the Smith College Archives

December 21, 2009
1965 College Archives Christmas Card

Christmas card created by College Archivist Margaret Grierson in 1965 with an undated photo of College Hall in the snow.

In 1940 Margaret Grierson became the second archivist in Smith College history. Grierson was an all-around Smithie: receiving her A.B. from Smith in 1922; joining the Department of Philosophy from 1930 to 1936; and finally, holding down three positions simultaneously in the Library (College Archivist, Executive Director of the Friends of the Smith College Library, and Director of the Sophia Smith Collection) until her retirement in 1965.

Margaret Grierson, 1946 portrait, by Eric Stahlberg, Northampton, MA.

Margaret Grierson in 1946. Portrait by Eric Stahlberg, Northampton, MA.

Grierson, who died in 1997, is remembered for many things at the College, but especially for her wonderful gift for letter writing. Folders and folders of her correspondence can be found in her papers here in the Archives. And Christmas-time was no exception. Each December Grierson sent out a photo card or postcard from the College Archives to alumnae, friends, and donors. Read the rest of this entry »

Views of Smith College

January 18, 2008

Postcards are a source of visual information about any landscape. Of course, as with any piece of material, you have to take a critical look at it. Does the image accurately reflect the building layouts? What role does perspective take, particularly within the context of the postcard? Birds-eye views of campuses were popular in the 1910s–but how accurate were they? The College Archives has a collection of postcards that represent the campus over a period of time.  Images from our collection can be found at:  Simply click on the name of a building or campus location on the drop-down screen to see selected images.

Do you believe these images accurately represent the campus?